A summary of the book kiss the dust by elizabeth laird

She lives in Britain now, but still likes to travel as much as she can. This is a book about what happened to Tara and her family before they arrived at Heathrow Airport and asked for political asylum.

Tara endures her constant displacement with courage and increasing maturity as she takes on more responsibilities and takes initiative in protect her family. Kiss the Dust is compulsively readable, utterly gripping yet harrowing too and the characters, in particular Tara, are beautifully drawn and so rich in emotion.

Life in the mountains is very different, and Tara perceives that her life is changing for ever. All those visitors he receives have pressing business.

This recent-history novel follows a young Kurdish girl who was once carefree living in her mountain town as she and her family flee from the stringent rules and fierce fighting of the militant Muslim regime.

But one afternoon a young Kurdish boy is shot by the security forces in the town centre outside the mosque.

Kiss the Dust

Tara is Kurdish, and living in Iraq when her father, who is a resistance fighter, decides that they must flee the country, travel over the mountains and into Iran. Although her country, Kurdistan, is caught up in a war, the fighting seems far away.

However, he is courageous and determined. The genocide of the Kurds by Saddam Hussein was to most people brutal and barbaric and given the current situation in the Middle East and the wars there that have gone before, this is a book that should be read by adult and child alike for it provides both an insight into the sometimes inhuman actions of the human race as well as testimony to the determination and strength of the dispossessed.

To Sign Up all you need to do is give us your email address and a password and let us know the types of books you like. Laird does an excellent job of describing what it might feel like to be a refugee; the confusion, the desperation, the fatigue, the anger, the frustration Gradually Teriska Khan does recover after Tara finds a friendly neighbour willing to help.

History[ edit ] The story is based on a Kurdish family living in Sulaymaniyaha city in northeastern Iraq in during a time of war. Never in her wildest dreams, until the moment comes, does Tara ever think that she will have to leave the Zagros mountains behind completely, and come to seek shelter in a totally foreign country.

Gaye Hicyilmaz has written an excellent book about the difficulties that a Romanian gypsy refugee faced when she came to live in England: Tara is a Kurd.

A kindhearted and protective woman, she is decisive and strong-willed, though apprehensive about risky decisions concerning her family. Tara, used to wealth, has to learn to cope in a refugee camp and adopt the ways of another culture before the family can finally claim refugee status in England.

Uncle Rostam, it seems, is a folk hero, leading the fight against the Iraqi government for a Kurdish homeland. Readers who liked Diary of Ann Frank might enjoy this novel.

What can I read next? Share this book The Lovereading4Kids comment A highly topical, award-winning novel from a truly great writer for children. Through her experiences as an exile and a refugee, Tara matures and demonstrates courage.

I would only recommend this book to a strong adolescent reader who was interested in knowing what a refugee might have felt like.

I think students would enjoy this book because the struggles the girl and her family go through are like nothing they have experienced. The family gets back together and begins to live a better, new life.

Her mother is also unable to help make meals with the meagre rations they are given. Iran, Iraq and Turkey. However, with no available jobs in Iran, the family realizes that they must escape the country to become refugees in another country.

Through her struggles, Tara is strengthened through her sense of family and matures through caring for her mother during her illness and watching over her younger sister.

They begin their life as stateless refugees in terrible, harsh camps. Is she destined to settle in the village and marry young, to live without electricity and running water?

As a leader, Ashti reveals Rostam is controlling and demanding. She may only be a thirteen year old schoolgirl, but she has the true pesh murga instinct for survival. She adapts quickly to most situations, but is largely unaware of the circumstances behind them.

The exciting parts of the book occurred when they were traveling through the mountains and when they were trying to survive in the refugee camps. It deserves to be a classic and on every reading list.Elizabeth Laird was born in New Zealand inwhere her Scottish father worked as a ship’s surgeon.

Inthe family moved back to Britain and Elizabeth grew up in South London. Elizabeth studied. Kiss the Dust by Elizabeth Laird is an unforgettable, award-winning novel of conflict, persecution and the hardships faced by ultimedescente.com is an ordina.

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Kiss the Dust is a book written by Elizabeth Laird on the conflicts between the Iraqi Kurds and Saddam Hussein's regime. It is a young adult historical fiction novel about a twelve-year-old Kurdish girl and her family's escape from Iraq over the border into Iran.

Kiss The Dust by Elizabeth Laird. Tara is an ordinary teenager. Although her country, Kurdistan, is caught up in a war, the fighting seems far away.

Kiss the Dust, by Elizabeth Laird, was published in It is the story of a young Kurdish girl living in Iraq. It is the story of a young Kurdish girl living in.

Laird weaves compelling facts about the conflicts between the Arabs and the Kurds into her gripping tale about one family's escape to freedom.

A summary of the book kiss the dust by elizabeth laird
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