Auditing as an instrument of ensuring

Auditing As An Instrument For Ensuring Accountability

It is inconceivable to discuss exhaustively the varieties of fraud that one is likely to encounter in practice. The researcher also wish to put across how auditing enhances organisational accountability and growth.


Later they proceed to count the physical stocks in the warehouse. These reports cover the performances at the head office and at the depot levels highlighting the general administration as a whole, their work with respect with accounting functions.

Auditing as an Instrument of Ensuring Accountability

Preparing financial report and providing advisory services: Theoretical rationalization for organization audit review focuses on two main themes.

There, they usually call for the balance sheet for inspection. The qualities are thus: What is more, defalcations and improperly maintained accounting records were the obvious problems under these circumstances.

To find out a mechanism to adopt in order to promote overall company efficiency and profitability. Severally pathetic applications were received from the needy and deprived persons, from all nooks and cranny. At the conclusion of his examination, he emphasizes himself in his reports without fear of retaliation.

On the other hand, the advisory services assist in preparing detail financial reports. Must not be suspicious but be credulous. This means that out standing expenses should be recognized as liabilities of an organization when preparing profit and loss account.

The auditing as an instrument for ensuring accountability of Anamco Ltd. The problem of inadequate and ineffective application of tools and machineries to enhance production.

But with industrial revolution, there was an increase in business transactions and there emerge partnership and joint stock companies. The nigeria stock excahnge denoted by NSE is a government establishment where stocks are traded on a daill This has given rise to increasing need and claim for internal auditing, but this is not to say that auditors main objective is to detect fraud but it is one of his secondary objectives of which if he detect fraud during the course of his duty he will pass the information to the management.The auditing as an instrument for ensuring accountability of Anamco Ltd.

Enugu, though effective to some extent still have some problem which have been consisting to it’s unsatisfactory performance as expected of a standard internal control and auditing.

The main purpose of this study is to find out whether auditing is an instrument for ensuring accountability in catholic institute for Development Justice and Peace and Caritas (CIDJAP). Other purpose of this study are. This piece “Auditing as an instrument for ensuring accountability is carried out to explore the roles of auditing in Premier Breweries Ltd, Onitsha.

It intends to identify and evaluate the roles of auditing as an instrument to ensure accountability in Premier Breweries and the likes in general.


Auditing services are very important for the business owners to get the valuable information and assurance that reports are correctly presented - Auditing as an Instrument of Ensuring Accountability introduction.

Further, the auditing services provide an opportunity to the business persons to know more about their businesses and its various aspects. The role of auditing towards ensuring accountability have attracted comment on the front pages of national newspapers, rather than in just the financial pages have even led on occasion to question and statement in parliament.

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Auditing as an instrument of ensuring
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