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It is important to recognise that rarely are decisions Bbc case study without some reference to how the individual feels about the decision. So how well do you think you will do? The brain injured person is showing bad judgement or not doing important things, but is unaware of the difficulties.

It may be a cycle that is compounded where difficulty with decision making contributes to emotional problems.


Rehabilitation Working out how to improve the ability to make decisions, to be better at solving problems, planning, following through with plans, and remembering to do things can be challenging and may be best done with the help of a professional such as an occupational therapist or clinical psychologist.

This simple system has been shown through extensive research to be effective in helping people with executive and memory problems arising from a wide range of conditions. Do you think that plan will work?? Decision making involves many different cognitive functions working together — long-term memory how have I dealt with similar situations in the past?

Do you need help to list the steps? Further help Sometimes an individual needs training to be able to overcome the difficulties described in this information sheet.

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What are you going to try next time? Although written primarily with the education environment in mind, there is also a very helpful web-site resource prepared by a leading practitioner in the US, Dr Mark Ylvisaker: There are many approaches to managing these kinds of emotional difficulties, beyond the scope of this briefing sheet.

This may require sensitive feedback from family, friends or professionals and for the individual to want to learn about possible solutions.

The pager beeps or vibrates and the person receives their message. How many can you get done? This can sometimes be because the person becomes distracted by other tasks or activities. Set yourself goals and break these down into specific tasks so that you know what you have to do. The first step in rehabilitation is understanding the problem, but with something as complex as decision making or problem solving difficulties this may not be straightforward which is why the help of a professional may be important.

Because decision making involves a lot of different processes, this means that if any one of these processes is affected by brain injury or neurological illness, then decision making may be impaired.

Booklet available from Headway see below Head Injury: In these circumstances it is appropriate to seek advice of an Occupational Therapist, Clinical Psychologist or Clinical Neuropsychologist. A list of academic research publications is available on request or on the Neuropage website.

Coping with Memory Problems: A practical Guide, by Trevor Powell, available from Headway. Why or why not?BBC iPlayer case study.

After delivering for the London Olympics inthe team needed to reset its delivery process to increase viewing numbers. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read about our approach to external linking. “Making It Happen,” Creativity, and Audiences: A BBC Case Study Susan SPINDLER and Caroline VAN DEN BRUL In the BBC launched an ambitious culture change initiative under the.

The BBC wanted a DSP to amplify the value of its premium audiences globally & maximize revenue, and chose dataxu's TouchPoint. A secondary school revision resource for GCSE Geography, looking at the causes of earthquakes, tectonics and their effects including case studies.

BBC Academy case study - Agility in Mind was asked to formulate a programme for the development of Business Analysts and build a community of practice.

Bbc case study
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