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Pop music can often be really ostracizing. Halsey is often compared to Lana Del Rey, another star born on the web, because of her cinematic arrangements, tales of doomed romance, and grandiose melodrama.

The fact alone that I was even struggling to find queer women in my field to get on the song I have become so comfortable on stage that I could stop a show and FaceTime my mom. For our latest digital cover, we spoke with pop star Halsey about bi-acceptance, over-sharing on the Internet, and being wrongly deemed a "Lez Bro.

To say Halsey lets herself be an open book would be an understatement.

Halsey Is Coming Through Loud and Queer

That song, like many of the songs on this album, just happened. Is that vulnerability a comfortable place for you? I think that being open is a nice thing, because it keeps me honest. Inshe signed with Astralwerks, and released two inventive concept albums, beginning with her debut EP, Room 93 ,and her album, Badlands, that framed semi-autobiographical tales of young love, fast times, and heartbreak within sprawling dystopian sci-fi narratives.

It definitely says a lot about the industry. I was interested, so naturally, I googled it and read a lot about it one of the best articles I read about it was from a magazine called Dazed.

It just felt so right. It was interesting to me because, for a lesbian writer, it seemed really bi-phobic.


Because who you are is depressed. They just brush it off as nothing, because they want to avoid the difficult conversation. Wear what you want. And then my WhatsApp got hacked and people started sending me messages with pictures of fetus parts and really gory, bloody disgusting, the shit of nightmares.

At the age of 20, she uploaded her first original song, "Ghost," to SoundCloud which immediately went viral and brought no fewer than five record labels banging on her door. However, where Lana mythologizes, never straying too far from the confines of a carefully crafted aesthetic, Halsey remains blunt, confessional and wryly self-effacing with an emotional authenticity not typically heard in her contemporary counterparts.

They erased the very history that made it so special. Bisexuality as a taboo.After Halsey announced a few weeks ago that she and G-Eazy were "taking some time apart" after a nearly year-long relationship, G-Eazy was reportedly spotted enjoying an evening out with Demi Lovato.

A First Date with Halsey, the New Queen of the Tumblr Generation has gone from writing songs in her bedroom to selling out arena tours within the space of 12 months.

Making music as "Halsey. Halsey announced she is "taking some time apart" from her year-long relationship with rapper G-Eazy. The singer shared the news on her Instagram Story on Tuesday (July 3), writing of her "Him & I.

How Tumblr Whitewashed the ‘Art Hoe’ Movement

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On Tumblr — where, a few years ago, Halsey was a popular Harry Styles stan who wrote and recorded goofy songs trashing Taylor Swift — the phenomenon has been extensively catalogued. Bestowing casual kisses has been one of the ways in which the pop singer connects with her fanbase: a group which tends to skew young, female, and at least a.

Halsey tumblr writing art
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