How to write an end of tour award army form

SPC Doe showed great pride and enthusiasm in every task he undertook, producing excellent results throughout the deployment. His knowledge and expertise formed a permanent footprint with his unit and will continue to remain present even in his absence.

SPC Doe proved vital in training the junior analysts from these three battalion S2s preparing them to seamless assume operations within the brigade s Operational Environment.

Her guidance and attention to detail contributed greatly to the overall success of each mission that followed and fostered an environment of mission and equipment readiness.

The authority figure writing and submitting the recommendation should remember that the narrative explanation is the most important section of the recommendation form, and the content is the basis for approval or disapproval of the award.

He taught them to proficiently operate and troubleshoot the equipment independently. Her tireless work ethic was key in maintaining parts ordering for 11 ACFT.

His lessons and leadership resulted in zero motorcycle accidents since he began his mentoring. All soldiers completing their tours of duty are thoroughly screened by their superiors to assess his or her contribution to the organization, and those who performed meritoriously are recommended for various awards.

His professionalism and flexibility contributed to the Brigade recognizing the Transportation Detachment as the go-to transportation element for combat and base support operations.

Army Recommendation for Award

His dedication and hard work directly enhanced the quality of life and mission readiness of personnel moving through theater. He personally created all templates, published taskers and conducted training for subordinate companies; ultimately contributing to overall higher award accuracy.


As a team leader, he was responsible for the welfare, accountability, and mission readiness of two Soldiers and the serviceability of two MA4 tractors one MA2 5-ton, three M trailers, and all assigned equipment valued in excess ofdollars. SPC Henderson showed sound tactical awareness during all operations by acclimating correct security posture, individual movement techniques, and proper escalation of force.

PFC Doe took great pride in the care and upkeep of his assigned equipment. He was responsible for the installation and maintenance of all tactical communication assets as well as drawing, maintaining accountability, and the destruction of all COMSEC material within the battalion.

She not only executed her assigned tasks in a timely manner, she anticipated taskings that may get assigned to her and took the initiative to complete tasks beforehand.

His outstanding professional skill, leadership, and ceaseless efforts to make sure the missions were completed on time resulted in major contributions to the effectiveness and success of over 45 training and qualification ranges.

In certain situations when taskers came out with a suspense date, it was either swim or sink; not only did SSG Acevedo swim, he also carried others on his shoulders to safety.

She took the lead in training her peers in preparation for OP Tomadachi. This also applies to discussing exploits in course software. He was personally responsible for one MA4 tractor, two M trailers, and all assigned basic issue items valued atdollars.

While servicing fourteen forward operating bases he earned the recognition of Soldier high miler of the detachment for the first quarter of FY To contribute examples, enter them below and click Send.

Compiled all of the necessary skills to put together a tracking board for anti-coalition activity that was praised by the BCT Commander and distinguished visitors in the Tactical Operations Center. Demonstrating exceptional competence and professionalism SSG Pardon-Varde was able execute all tasks inherited in his role as the interim operations sergeant.

All that said, it is still true that a SFC excelling will more likely have a positive impact on the entire unit than a PFC excelling will. He worked countless hours ensuring that only authorized personnel entered and departed the Ammunition Supply Point ASP.

PFC Doe displayed commitment to mission accomplishment and dedication to selfless service, personally contributing to the successful completion of thirty DCLPs.

ARCOM Award Bullets

Due to his professional leadership skills and aggressive can-do attitude, SFC Doe was selected by the company commander over six senior peers to perform duties as platoon sergeant of 1st Platoon.

He processed all forms requesting personnel action. In the absence of a non-commissioned officer, he was called upon to lead the section in both maintenance and training exercises.

PCS, Impact, Deployment, and other awards: Should they be determined by rank?

SGT Lizyness was adament about motorcycle safety and took it upon himself to mentor younger motorcycle riders on the dangers of operating a motorcycle. No bigoted language or witch-hunting. His dedication to the mission is a direct reflection on himself, the Army Reserve and the Army.DA FORM Recommendation for Award.

Used to recommend a Soldier for an award would like to no how to wright army award counseling statement. ArmyCounselingOnline you have a specific question please feel free to submit it on this site or on If you are looking for how to write awards there is a software program called Award.

Your campaign medal is your end of tour award. This isn't the Special Olympics (no offense to them at all, I've volunteered there and I'm proud of them). This is the Army. While a lot of times awards are downgraded to meet some imaginary cap, the official reason is because the upper level didn't think it met the requirements for the award submitted for.

If they keep rewriting for an ARCOM, you should get it. Navy Awards. Submitting someone for a medal is one of the most satisfying things a supervisor can do.

And recommending someone for an award makes you look good. It demonstrates that you're taking care of your troops. We need more examples. Examples can be contributed using this form. Thanks! Get the da form Description of da form Laws dot-com legal forms guide a DEA form is United States Army form for the recommendation for an award the form is used for most recommendations for awards but not for heroism valor or wartime awards which must use a separate process for recommendation the DEA form.

1 / 3 Show Caption + Hide Caption – Lt. Col. Kenneth Chase, commander of the 1st Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment, Enhanced Combat Aviation Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, pins an Air Medal on the chest of Chief Warrant Officer 3 William Kearns during an end of tour award ceremony on Camp Taji, Iraq, Feb.

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1. U.S. Army photo by Spc.

How to write an end of tour award army form
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