Identity theft what is it essay

What may appear to be harmless for some, has the effect of causing serious anxiety, financial troubles and destroyed reputation for the victims. Or, even if there is a law against it, the punishment involved is not serious.

Some may even think that these activities are not crimes. I also need to determine the number of the victims involved and the number of times the crime was committed. This is a sample Essay on Identity Theft from smartessaywriters.

In this regard, I will have to determine first the circumstances relating to the commission of the crime. These crimes may appear to be harmless for most of people.

If, on the other hand, the accused used the credit card of another to purchases guns or ammunition, to make hotel reservations, to make airline ticket purchases, all for use by terrorists, then the imposable penalty should be five years which is the mandatory prison term. Thus, if the accused has committed the crime only once and that when the crime was committed it was not terrorism-related, I can provide that if the accused behaves properly, his sentence may be reduced.

There is also no threat or violence inflicted against the victims. However if the crime was committed for several times against different victims, then I will have to impose additional penalties depending on the number of times the crime was committed.

Though these activities may appear to be harmless, the perpetrators of this crime may derive thousands of dollars if not millions from these operations.

If the crime was committed against only one victim and that it was committed by the accused only once, then only the above-mentioned penalty can be imposed.

Under Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act, the mandatory sentence of two 2 years prison term shall be imposed if the means of identification of another is used for non-terrorism-related crimes.

The accused shall have to spend time in jail for his crime. As a result, comparing identity theft to other crimes such as terrorism or murder, there are perceptions that these activities are harmless. On the other hand, a penalty of five 5 years shall be imposed if the means of identification of another is used for terrorism-related activities.

No property is destroyed or ravaged. However, as the judge and taking into account the facts and circumstances of the crime, I have the discretion to reduce the penalty if the accused behaves properly during his sentence. Ordinarily, nobody becomes injured or killed in identity theft.Identity theft is the information age's new crime.

A criminal collects enough personal data on the victim to impersonate him to banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions. Then he racks up debt in the victim's name, collects the cash and disappears. The victim is left holding the. Check Out Our Identity Theft Essay Introduction Vacca () defines identity crime as a type of crime in which someone uses illegal means to obtain information regarding another person for economic gain in a way that involves fraud and deception.

Tips To Preventing Identity Theft - Having your identity taken away from you is a very difficult thing to handle. It could mean not being able to pay your bills or at the worst, not being able to obtain credit.

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Sep 04,  · Identity theft has been on the rise in the united states for multiple reason, but one of the biggest reasons identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the united states is the advancements in technology.

The Iowa Referee Committee is the organizing body for soccer officials in the state of Iowa. Identity Theft Essay - Identity Theft In today's society, there is a white-collar crime that has greatly risen in popularity among criminals.

This crime is identity theft.

Hundreds of thousands of people have their identities stolen each year. Identity theft is when these criminals obtain and use consumers personal information such as credit.

Identity theft what is it essay
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