Indian cinema and its problems

Fatehlal, and two other men inalso achieved its first success around this time. The film was judged one of the three best films of the year. Every year thousands of movies are produced in India. There have been two streams of cinema in India—one is the commercial cinema which has the sole aim of entertaining and making money in return.

Where commercial cinema appeals to all sections of the society, parallel cinema appeals mainly to the intellectual class and a half.

The fim dialogues are occupying places in our real life. Tollygunge was then the centre of the Indian film industry. He was raised in Mussourie, India. And then we must not forget Helen. This was due to the fact that electric carbons were used for motion picture projectors.

8 Problems of Indian Cinema- According to the Author

These are only some considerations: The success of these films led to the screening of films by James B.

Instead of releasing prints into theaters they are selling their content online. Many people in India plainly call such films as "art films" as opposed to mainstream commercial cinema. It has the potential appeal for its audience.

Producers and financiers consider it as a tempting and lucrative business. This problem is its own solution as well. Cinema can expose the evils prevalent in society. Stewart and Ted Hughes. From political entities influencing the decisions — to corruption and plain and simple arrogance, the Censor Board has become mired in different controversies.

There are now more large investments from corporate houses and a more structured industry funding independent cinema and making it a viable and profitable business.

Indian Cinema

In addition to writing two Kannada filmsmany of their Bollywood films had remakes produced in other regions, including Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam cinema.

But by the late s, Hindi cinema experienced a period of stagnation, with a decline in box office turnout, due to increasing violence, decline in musical melodic quality, and rise in video piracy, leading to middle-class family audiences abandoning theaters.

Essay on Indian Cinema

Moreover, people can go places with cinema. For majority of cinema-goers, it is nothing but a cheap and interesting form of entertainment and pastime. Some do see them bloom and others see them break.

However, the majority of Indian producers like to play safe, and in order to do so, they do not shy away from employing old formulas and cliches. Besides open and demonstrative subjects throw tarnished messages. And Bollywood is no exception. The second stream is the Parallel cinema or the Art cinema which aims at sensitizing the people on various social issues and problems of the society.

But the pioneers of the industry were actually foreigners. At that point of time it was really hard to arrange somebody to portray the role of females. Salim-Javed was highly influential in South Indian cinema.

History of Indian Cinema

Though new age filmmakers and production houses are trying to remedy this problem, its going to take a lot of time for Indian audience to be able to detect a good script from a bad one.

Essay on the effect of Cinema on our society Soumya Advertisements: He was credited as the father of Telugu cinema.

She played the love interest in a Dilip Kumar film who at the time was a leading heartthrob. One of her last appearances was in Ismail Merchant film Cotton Mary.

Films need not be didactic but they still can pass on constructive messages subtly to the masses. Bhatavdekarshowing a wrestling match at the Hanging Gardens in Bombay, was the first film to be shot by an Indian and the first Indian documentary film.Despite its vacillation between the two extremes of sometimes being awfully responsible and at others outright sensational, Indian cinema’s efforts in mirroring social reality deserves to be applauded.

If popular perception is an indicator, a major part of the social transformation in India can be. Indian cinema-apart from world cinema-has a charm, flavor and magic of its own. It appeals not only to the film-crazy Indian public but also has enchanted a large number of audiences the world over.

People who do not speak or. The Cinema of India InGudavalli Ramabrahmam, co-produced and directed the social problem film, Raithu Bidda, which was also banned by the British administration, for depicting the peasant uprising among the Zamindars during the British raj.

Influence and Importance of Cinema on the Lifestyle of Educated Youth: A study on University Students of Bangladesh (like Indian and western) ethics, rituals and culture, which certainly has sexual assault, illegal ways of quick money making and other social problems has a direct connection with movies.

Almost all of them agrees that. With a vibrant creative community, new technology and investment interest, we are on the verge of seeing Indian cinema transcend its national borders to project India’s socio-political and economic influence around the world.

Jan 01,  · The Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan Award for Excellence in Indian Cinema is given by STAR Vijay as part of its annual Vijay Awards ceremony for Excellence in Indian Cinema, which nowadays has become a prestigious award The list Here is a list of the award winners and the films for which they won.

Indian cinema and its problems
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