Lab paq photosynthesis and respiration

This is accomplished by introducing potassium hydroxide into the device. KOH is caustic, avoid direct skin contact. If your respirometers float, you may need to weight them. Obtain the glass respirometer vials. Carbon dioxide and water are products of the series of reactions involved in cellular respiration.

You are using a 1 ml pipet, so each of the units on the reading are. One method involves monitoring changes in temperature; since the process of respiration is exergonic produces heat. Each set will be incubated at a different temperature.

Drop plastic beads into the cylinder until the volume is the same as the germinating seeds from step 1. How is respiration rate affected by temperature? Remove seeds and place on a paper towel.

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Respirometers are devices that measure these types of gas volume changes, and therefore provide information about the rate of cellular respiration. Respirometers will be submerged in a pan of either cold or room temperature water and the rate of respiration will be measured by observing the movement of water into the pipet.

The reading shown on the above image would be. If your water bath is in a dark plastic bin, place white paper towels at the bottom to make it easier to read the pipet. Place 20 non germinating seeds in the water. This process is called cellular respiration which requires nutrient molecules and oxygen.

Another method is to measure either the oxygen consumption or the carbon dioxide production. Understand the relationships between temperature, pressure and volume. Collect data on the data table for your assigned temperature.Jun 03,  · Photosynthesis & Respiration: Bio Help!?

compare photosynthesis and respiration. list two similarities and three differences. hi, this is an eleventh grade bio question and i need a lot of help, so thanks so much!Status: Resolved. The AP Biology Lab 5 uses respirometry techniques to calculate the rate of oxygen consumption (cellular respiration) in germinating pea seeds.

The effect of temperature and whether a seed has broken dormancy are quantified and graphed. The ideal gas law and its concepts are reviewed and applied. May 25,  · Science Youtube Lab (May 24, ) GED Study Guide | Science Lesson 4 Photosynthesis Cellular Respiration - Duration: Test Prep Toolkit - GED, ACT, SAT 31, views.

 Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Nina R. McCray May 5, Biology Lab (SCIEA) LaDonna McCowan-Ferrier Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Lab Report Introduction This is an investigation of the effect of the intensity of light (photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis Lab Report Abstract: Photosynthesis is a natural process all plants undergo to create energy from light. In a plant, photosynthesis creates oxygen as a byproduct, and cellular respiration uses oxygen to make water%(58).

Chlorophyll gives plant leaves their green ultimedescente.comment Discussion Photosynthesis and Respiration A. Explain.

Investigation - What Factors Affect Cellular Respiration?

what other important products result from photosynthesis? Hint: Beside the production of oxygen/5(2).

Lab paq photosynthesis and respiration
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