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The continuation of this method of hiring employees might trigger more establishments to also use this method, which would ultimately damage our economy greatly.

If many of our companies were to adopt this method, they would not go very far. They use this method in hopes of getting more customers and more profit, but their profits will obviously decline with many lawsuits that are put against them.

He feels that hiring employees that represent and embody the store they work for may encourage more people to shop at that particular store.

This highly profitable idea is easy as just offering an attractive person that walks in the store a job. Hiring just because of looks is a profitable action that has others opposing the idea. They can be a male, a female, or a transgender.

Hiring based on looks can get companies into hot water because so many people can find discrimination in their hiring practices and patterns.

Everyone should have the equal opportunity to work in a position in whichever job they prefer. Abercrombie and Fitch for example, has a Caucasian, preppy image.

Companies think that having attractive people working with the customers will make them buy more clothes and will bring in more potential shoppers. Even if opposed, this idea will draw in more customers due to the image being relayed, making the company that uses this idea money and successful.

You do not have to have a pretty face to work the cash register, talk to people, and fold cloths. We come from a country of equality, for a clothing company to portray racial discrimination is highly unacceptable. They may or may not have the best appearances, such as having a nice body, flat stomach, nice curves, nice eyes or hair, has tattoos and piercings everywhere, or even have special needs.

And of course it is pretty hard to just hang out without buying anything. Companies can avoid all of this mess and scrutiny if they just practiced fair hiring techniques that do not involve only image and how well they represent the brand in an attractive way.

A guy wants to go hang out in a store where he can see good-looking gals. I then begin to wonder if buying these clothes will make me look great also. Posted by Priscilla N.

Going for the Look Essay - Part 3

This is a favoring of a certain ethnicity, but mainly to set an image. Getting discriminated for something you did not choose to get is unfair and judgmental.

I believe that the government should ban this hiring method, because it consists of racial discrimination. When it comes to Abercrombie and Fitch, they have topless guys outside their store, attracting girls to go in.

Yes, it wont hurt to have a pretty face in the store, but that is not the reason why I would go into a store in the first place. To judge whether or not a person is "attractive" is all the matter of opinion. If this was the problem, models could be ugly, fat, skinny, and anyone could get the job if they wanted to.

Cohen thinks that by having "good-looking" people sell "good-looking" clothes, more people would want to buy the products. Going For The Look. This method is illegal and immoral. The only real problem I see is these companies hiring only certain ethnicities.

Not only does this method discriminate against potential workers that do not have "the look", but it would also discourage the customers that also do not have it. There is modeling and other jobs that require good looks.

There is nothing wrong when hiring someone because of the fact that they look great. Fashionable employees with catch the attention of shoppers and will create a more enticing environment for shoppers. If a person is "ugly" it is often something that they cannot control. People there are often walking around asking if you need any help, a bag to hold all your clothes, start a fitting room early and what not.

It is not necessarily illegal, but it discriminating based off sex, age, or ethnicity is. This is where companies can get into trouble and sticky situations. Employees who are chose to work may not have the skills to work as well. By trying to portray the image of one ethnicity or one look, they will only attract customers that fall into that specific category.

They use this method to lure customers. It is possible to sell products, in this case:Oct 13,  · ESSAY: Going For The Look. In the society we live in today, many companies use image as a way to attract customers into their stores.

They use this method to lure Kristen He. marshal cohen going for the look essay. Great place to talk about anything that doesn't fit into any other forum.

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Going For The Look

marshal cohen going for the look essay. Post by Deriktew» Fri Sep 14, am. Oct 15,  · Your essay should be as well-organized and carefully written as you can make it. Retailers defend the approach to hiring based on image as necessary and smart, and industry experts see the point.

"In today's competitive retail environment, the methods have changed for capturing the consumer's awareness of your brand," said Marshal Cohen, a senior industry analyst with the NPD. The essay has an accumulation of errors, especially in spelling and punctuation.

Sample student essay with a score of 2: Going for the Look. Cohen’s argument expresses his oppions and his only the may not matter in the sites of other people. I don’t agree or disagree with his argument.

Oct 13,  · Going for the Look Essay. Marshal Cohen, a senior industry analyst with the NPD Group states that it is necessary for clothing companies to only hire people that portray the company image. He believes that having a "walking billboard" would help create an environment that attracts people.

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Marshal cohen going for the look essay
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