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Suggested project topics by the Civil Engineering professors can be consulted in the projects portal IS-Academia.

The work will consist in applying a denoising autoencoder DA to galaxy images with the master thesis template epfl of removing noise without altering the shapes of galaxies e. This procedure was showed to be working in simple circumstances using Artificial Neural Networks.

Choice of the Master thesis The Master thesis in general will be done in a Civil Engineering laboratory. To goal of this work is apply the method to data without any simplification to test the limit of the scheme.

An autoencoder is a specific type of Artificial Neural Network where the input and output layers are identical. In the future, this type of measurement can also be combined with other observations to constrain the underlying cosmological model. Students can nevertheless submit their own topic proposition for their Master thesis to a professor, which will then become his project director.

Please download this form and send it per email to secretariat. The 3 email addresses have to show on the same email in order to formalized the delivery of the PdM. If the project is finished before the delivery deadlines, you can of course submit it earlier.

A paper version may be required by the professor or the expert. Observing dark matter around massive galaxies with gravitational lensing with Blazek, Kneib Because the path of light is bent by gravity, massive galaxies act as "gravitational lenses" which distort the observed images of more distant galaxies.

Python routines will be developed to perform the reduction of the simulations.

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This profile is used to predict a magnitude in a band based on the image taken in the other band. The detection of atypical spectra including broad absorption line and damped lyman-alpha systems will be essential for cosmological analyses.

The alteration of shapes before and after applying the DA will be assessed using a galaxy shape measurement tool. The objective is to have the autoencoder learn how to build a new representation of the input data the galaxy image that has less noise while preserving the galaxy shape attributes.

We will use these results to forecast how sensitive DESI and other future surveys will be to these baryonic effects. The goal of this project is to combine two new data sets, eBOSS a spectroscopic survey and DECaLS an imaging surveyto measure the gravitational lensing effect around distant, massive galaxies.

We want to apply state-of-the art machine learning tools such as Auto-Encoders and Artificial Neural Networks to the problem of PSF reconstruction and interpolation.The Library archives all the EPFL theses dating from the first one in Since every thesis is attached to one of the doctoral schools at EPFL and can be searched within this thematic collection.

Master’s dissertations; Video games; PhD tips. PhD thesis publication. Thesis templates. 7 1 Procedure and registration for a Master Thesis at EPFL • Step 1: Section registration form – Complete and print the form “Master Thesis EPFL”, find it on our.

Here are the latex template and class style for generating your thesis, please use them to format your thesis following the standards adapted by IPG. DOI: /epfl-thesis Detailed record - Full text - View at publisher P.

Blunier / A. Parriaux (Dir.): Méthodologie de gestion durable des ressources du sous-sol urbain. Master thesis rules for students, professors and institutions. Best practice regarding projects of Master's degree in a company.

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MASTER LAB IMMERSION OUTSIDE EPFL. Choise of the Master thesis (PdM ou PdMe) - PdM in a laboratory of the Institute of Materials (IMX) or in a laboratory of an other Institute at EPFL (17 weeks).

Master thesis template epfl
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