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If the thesis cannot be rewritten to remove the problematic material, the author and supervisor should submit the thesis to the director of the program, who will prepare a recommendation for the Vice Chancellor, who will then consult with the Vice President for Research.

Graduate students who wish to undertake joint thesis research should submit a request to the Office of Graduate Education via the general petition process http: Polyhedrality, Complexity, and Extensions, June Use of Previously Published Material in a Thesis Each student is responsible for obtaining permission, if necessary, to include previously published material in the thesis.

A sample permission letter can be obtained from the Office of the General Counsel https: Eectiveness of Index Policies, June Below you will find a listing by year of the research performed by ORC students.

Nunez Araya, Manuel A. Interpretability, Uncertainty, and Inference, June Airline Networks, June Mit thesis server If so, the Technology Licensing Office will notify the Institute Archives, and the thesis will Mit thesis server withheld from distribution for up to 90 days.

The MIT Libraries pay for the binding of theses retained in their collection. Submission Date Degree candidates must submit the required copies of their theses to the appropriate office of the department or program in which they are registered on the dates specified in the Academic Calendar.

PhD and Masters Theses

Safety at What Price?: Asymptotics and Insights, June A third copy is required only when a student is submitting the same thesis to departments or programs from two separate MIT schools e. Formatting Pagination The title page is always considered to be page 1, and every page must be included in the count regardless of whether a number is physically printed on a page.

Statistical and Optimization perspectives, June The requirements in this guide apply to all theses and have been specified both to facilitate the care and dissemination of the thesis and to assure the preservation of the archival paper copy.

A Learning Approach September Whenever there are co-supervisors, both signatures are required. If an extension is required, application must be made to the Vice President for Research. Moffitt II, Jeffrey D. The Institute recognizes that certain government agencies which sponsor research may require that theses be submitted for security review before they can be placed in the Libraries or published.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Interceptor Assignment, June Theses should be prepared double-sided whenever possible. A Mathematical Programming Approach, June A Unified Optimization Approach, September Graduate students should follow instructions found here: Government Restrictions A student should not embark without prior approval on a thesis that requires government restrictions.

The department may ask for copies in addition to those required for the Libraries. Students may choose to submit a born-digital PDF of the thesis via the Libraries voluntary submission portal https: Undergraduate students should follow instructions found here: Please check the requirements of your department.

For each thesis received by the Libraries, a digital version is created and made publicly available in DSpace MIT http: September, February, and June are the only months in which degrees are awarded.

Models for Project Management, June A Semiparametric Approach, September This applies to most third-party materials i. Review and Development of Optimization Approaches, June Theses are available on the [email protected] online archive.

MIT Theses

If you would like to request a copy of a thesis, please contact MIT Document Services at or [email protected] MIT Document Services owns the copyrights for all MIT student theses. When copyright is held by the Institute, students and third parties should contact the MIT Technology Licensing Office (, [email protected]) to obtain permission to reuse thesis content in.

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If you have questions about MIT theses in DSpace, contact Document Services. See also Access & Availability Questions or About MIT Theses in DSpace. If you are a recent MIT graduate and would like to add your thesis to the theses in DSpace, see Add Your Thesis to MIT's DSpace for instructions.

All theses scanned by the MIT Libraries are scanned in black and white mode. thesis addresses is the robustness and efficiency of the communications server. Overview of This Thesis Chapter 2 will discuss the limitations of the current LQP design and limitations.

Questions not answered in this guide should be referred to the appropriate department officer or to the MIT Libraries (14N, [email protected]). WHAT HAPPENS TO THE THESIS? The academic department is required to deliver the proper number of copies of the thesis to the MIT Libraries within one month after the last day of the term in which the thesis was submitted (Faculty Regulation ).

Officially opening next week, is the largest, most sophisticated, and most accessible nanotechnology facility at any U.S. university. Vice President for Research Maria Zuber calls it “a game-changer for the MIT research enterprise.” Full story Join us in building a better world.

Mit thesis server
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