Netw240 week 2 lap report essay

You will notice that there are many options that can be used with this command. During the lab, you will be asked to enter answer to questions asked in your lab activities.

Return to your home directory. Name at least five applications and tools used in the lab. Use V to paste the commands into your lab document. What is promiscuous mode? You are now in Editor Mode for the file myfile1. File System Navigation 1: This concludes your lab. This activity is not started yet; it will start in 2 weeks.

Get help on the ls command. What are the steps? Finally, you used Zenmap to perform a scan of the network and created a network topology chart.

This will bring up a Terminal screen for you so you can apply the commands in this lab. Display a long listing of the? You should see files example1 and example2 and a directory called file-cabinet. The clock starts and a lab diagram displays in the main content area. Creating a user and a group using the GUI Procedure 1.

Netw240 Week 2 Lab Report: Linux Commands And Directories

What directory are you in currently? Why is it important to select the student interface in the Wireshark? Mozilla Firefox does not have this issue with Ctrl-O. Provide the root password. Procedures If you are not already logged in, please log in as a standard user. Enter man ls less. Save your modifications and exit.

Were the example1 and example2 files deleted? How does differentiated instruction reflect the attitudes and Other Popular Essays. Make sure you label each section accordingly and answer all the questions. At this point, you can type in some text. What is the It Week 9 words - 5 pages?

Press Ctrl-O and press Enter to save your myfile1 file. You now can see your contents of the myfile1 file.

Which change the file system root that a process sees? What does the acronym pwd stand for? Write your answer in the lab report document.

Press Ctrl-X to exit the nano command line text editor. Remember that in order to use any of these commands you have to use a space between the command and the option. What is a home directory used for?NETW Week 2 Lab: Basic Linux Commands and Directories Lab Scenario Launching Your Lab The status of your lab is displayed at the top of the left navigation column.

Click the Start Lab Now button. A progress bar displays while the lab is being initialized. Netw Week 2 Lap Report Essay; NETW Week 2 Lab Report: Linux Commands and Directories Step 2: File System Navigation 2: Display a long listing of the ⁄etc directory.

Enter ls -l ⁄etc.

Verify that the output is from the ⁄etc directory and is a long list. Read this essay on Netw Week 1 Lab Report. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Netw Week 2 Lab Report NETW Professor Mutasem Awwad 01/16/ iLab #2, Introduction to Wireshark (This part of the lab is worth 19 points) Lab Report.


Netw240 Week 2 Lab

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Securing Linux Lab Assignment words - 9 pages Week 3 Lab This lab consists of two parts. Make sure you label each section accordingly and answer all the questions. For this lab it is recommended that you review the Demo Lab presentations in the Unit 5 and Unit 6.

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Netw240 week 2 lap report essay
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