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Next comes in the animation. It is the third most featured film in the Disney Animated Features Canon and consists of eight animated segments of classical music that were conducted by Leopold Stokowski. I write to devise solutions, to think things through, and to understand. They offer a great value Com Write My Essay for Me: So, when talking about prices — with TypeMyEssay.

When these two types of sounds were mixed together Walt Disney was able to create sounds that could incorporate both actions and emotions.

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First the music was added which would display the overall emotion and intensity of the film. How does it work?

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Read My Essay Back To Me

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The animation was used to display what was actually happening in the movie. Nobody likes to read excessively long or wordy sentences. If Walt Disney had not taken the time to properly blend these sound methods with the music and animation used in Fantasia it would have all ended in failure.

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Walt Disney’s Fantasia Essay Sample Walt Disney’s Fantasia: A Magical Work of Music-Animation Fantasia is an American animated film produced by Walt Disney, which was released by Walt Disney Productions in

Read my essay back to me fantasia
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