Reading and writing activities key stage 1

Year 2 English Booster pack Our Year 2 English Booster pack covers all the main literacy topics your child will learn in Y2 — perfect to help your child prepare for KS1 SATs at the end of the school year or revise key concepts over the long summer break.

Each Progress check includes questions on the areas of learning that your child will be covering in that school term. The final goal is for handwriting to become an automatic skill, so your child can concentrate on what, and not how, they are writing.

The reading curriculum follows the Oxford Reading Tree scheme, which was started in Reception and continues through Years 1 and 2. Number 2 - Interactive activity about the number 2. The resources and activities in the KS1 Maths section are in an interactive, online, or printable format that brings a differing dynamic to the subject for children studying at Key Stage 1.

Tell real and imagined stories using the conventions of familiar story language. Number 10 - Interactive activity about the number There are 3 of our best-selling eBooks in the bundle. Start to write with a joined style as soon as they can form letters securely. Number 9 - Interactive activity about the number 9.

Reading Primary Resources

In the Solving Problems areachildren are able to enhance their knowledge of problem solving at Key Stage1 level in relation to money, measures, shape and space. Number 4 - Interactive activity about the number 4. Numbers in Words and Figures - Interactive activity to read and write numbers in words and figures.

'Mastery' standard activities for Key Stage 1

Ask and answer questions, make relevant contributions, offer suggestions; explain views to others Reading Read more challenging texts which can be decoded using their acquired phonic knowledge and skills, along with automatic recognition of high frequency words.

Use the present and past tenses correctly and consistently.

Text Level Worksheets and Resources

Within the KS1 Maths Number and The Number System section children learn about counting, reading and writing numbers, number order and place value, estimating and rounding, fractions, number patterns and sequences. Number 7 - Interactive activity about the number 7.

Count to Ten - Interactive activity about counting to ten. Within KS1 Maths you will find resources, activities and online school assessment tests that will help children revise and develop the subject of Maths at Key Stage 1 level The resources in this KS1 Maths classroom area help children to develop their knowledge of the different areas of Maths through mental and oral activities.

Use both familiar and new punctuation correctly. Our Year 1 maths booster pack covers all the main maths topics your child will learn in the first year of KS1 to help them practise their skills. The final goal is for handwriting to become an automatic skill, so your child can concentrate on what, and not how, they are writing.

Number 1 - Interactive activity about the number 1.

Key Stage 1

Post a Letter - Interactive activity to recognise numbers Times Table Square - Interactive times table square which will allow you look at number patterns. Children can learn about different types of measurements in the Measures sectionincluding length, mass, capacity, time, area and money.

Year 1 Maths Booster pack Maths revision — the fun way! Make simple additions, revisions and corrections to their own writing.Hand-picked resources. Our resources provide you with creative teaching ideas and activities for your Primary class.

If you're a subscriber, you can adapt them to make them perfect for your children and your teaching objectives. Have a look at some of our hand-picked resources for EYFS through to Y2 Reading word level. To develop independence when writing.

Year 1 & 2 Interactive White Board (IWB) Dictionary: A game for foundation stage children.

Early years and key stage 1 English resources

Spot the starting sound for the things on the conveyor belt. A reading game dealing with the harder year 1 and 2 words. Are there 'mastery' activities for English and mathematics? In this article, we relay advice from two of our associate education experts on activities for pupils who are at 'mastery' standard in Key Stage 1.

We also look at how one school teaches mastery in maths and reading. Year 1 English topics at a glance. Access s of interactive tutorial worksheets.

Classroom Key Stage 1 / KS1 - Maths Activities & Resources

Create an account to track progress and measure results. Genius! Text Level Worksheets and Resources. This section contains worksheets, online activities and other resources to help with reading skills, writing skills and a range of other text level objectives.

Reading Activities. Keeping students interested in reading often involves more than a trip to the library. There is a wide range of reading activities young readers can engage in to bring stories to life, including getting crafty, heading outdoors to play, and dressing up as a story’s characters.

Reading and writing activities key stage 1
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