Restistance of nichrome wire essay

Metals conduct electricity because the atoms in them do not hold on to their electrons very well, and so creating free electrons, carrying a negative charge to jump along the line of atoms in a wire. Due to this increased space between the atoms there should be less collisions.

This article needs additional citations for verification. The cross-sectional area of the wire — the thicker the wire, the less resistance. The resistance is given by the following formula 1: Therefore, the most accurate way would be use a micrometer screw gauge to measure the diameter of the wire at different locations and then match the experimental value obtained from this experiment against the average of the micrometer readings.

In an electrical circuit, the cell or the battery provides the electrons with electrical potential energy. Online Plagiarism Checker Nichrome wire by determining its resistivity - Sample Essay Metals have low resistance due to their delocalized field of electrons.

As it can be seen from the total uncertainty calculation, the experimentally deduced value of the diameter of the Nichrome wire was accurate to a large extent.

So if the length is doubled the resistance should also double. Also if the atoms in the material are closely packed then the electrons will have more frequent collisions and the resistance will increase.

The room temperature — since if the temperature is increased the particles in the wire will move faster and this would not allow the experiment to be fair. Sometimes resistance wire is insulated by ceramic powder and sheathed in Restistance of nichrome wire essay tube of another alloy.

I have chosen to base my investigation on the length of the wire. When resistance wire is used for heating elements in electric heaterstoastersand the likehigh resistivity and oxidation resistance is important.

For different sets of data, the length of the Nichrome wire was altered by making only a fraction of the full wire part of the circuit. Precaution was taken so that the Nichrome wire would not hurt the finger. When the electrons reach a bulb for examplethey loose some of their electrical potential energy.

One difficulty in using nichrome wire is that common tin-based electrical solder will not bond with it, so the connections to the electrical power must be made using other methods such as crimp connectors or screw terminals.

Nichrome, as the name suggests, is an alloy of Nickel, Chromium and Iron. A variable DC power pack. It turns chemical energy from the materials in the cell into electrical energy in the electrons.

A ruler was used to measure the length of the wire part that was part of the circuit and an ohmmeter was used to identify the resistance of the circuit. For example, if a 2AWG wire requires a 10mm diameter, most manufacturers will label even a 9. Finally, the electrons return to the positive terminal of the cell with less energy.

The following factors that are going to be kept constant are: There are twice as many jumps if the wire is twice as long. More essays like this: This increase in collisions means that there will be an increase in resistance. However, different metals have different values of resistance.

To investigate the factors of affecting the resistance of a wire Essay Sample

Another limitation to the procedure of the experiment is the assumption of the electrical resistivity of the Nichrome wire. This method will then be repeated, but when it comes towards changing the nichrome wire, instead of increasing the length, I will just keep the length the same at 50cm but I will change the width of each wire to 0.

The actual range is 1. The size of the current in a circuit depends on the voltage of the supply and on the resistance of the components: The temperature of the wire. This causes more collisions between the electrons and the atoms, as the atoms are moving into the path of the electrons.

The electrical resistance can be determined by an ohmmeterlength, using a ruler, and the resistivity was determined by the literature value of 1. The uncertainty, however small, cannot be ignored and they must be explored so that if possible, they can be avoided in the future.

If the material has a high number of atoms there will be high number of electrons causing a lower resistance because of the increase in the number of electrons.

In solid metal conductors, current is a flow of negatively charged electrons; in an electrolyte it is a flow of positive and negative ions.

This is because if the length is doubled the number of atoms will also double resulting in twice the number of collisions slowing the electrons down and increasing the resistance. To make my results more reliable I have repeated my experiment 3 times and from this I have made an average that I have plotted.

In my experiment there seem to be no odd results. When used as a heating element, resistance wire is usually wound into coils.To investigate what affects the resistance of a wire.

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Investigating the resistance of Nichrome this investigation, I predict that the nichrome wire will have a higher resistance than the copper wire. Resistance of a Wire Essay - Resistance of a Wire We are trying to find out what affects the resistance of a wire.

Resistance is the slowing down of electric flow (flow of electrons) due to metal ions. Wire Safety Be careful not to overload the circuit and cause burns Do not burn out the Nichrome wire. [tags: Papers].

Resistance wire

To investigate the factors of affecting the resistance of a wire Essay Sample Aim: To investigate the factors of affecting the resistance of a wire. In this experiment I will be using a metal nichrome wire to show the resistance when the length and width is changed.

To help you choose the right nichrome or resistance wire, we have included several informational charts. Take a look and compare temperatures, sizes, resistance.

Restistance of nichrome wire essay
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