Social studies essay on governance

To encourage self-reliance, Medisave was introduced, which can be used to pay hospital bills and certain medical treatment when needed. The intention is to make Malaysians will feel that they have a better quality Social studies essay on governance life in Malaysia.

This is in comparison to Malaysia which does not face such a problem.

Colonial Foundations

In other words, it rewards people based on their performance. On the other hand, government aid would put a huge strain on the government budget. This may make them reconsider their investment plans in Singapore or worse, withdraw their investments out of Singapore.

The cartoonist wants Malaysians to know how fortunate they are in Malaysia compared to Singapore where there is a lack of land and they now have to face the possibility of an increase in population that will create very cramped conditions.

Patients may apply for Medifund directly at the hospital they are in. Since road space is very limited in Singapore, traffic congestion will affect economic activities if car ownership is left unchecked.

Source B says it is to address an ageing population.

Principles of good governance

Hence more has to be done so that the healthcare needs of all citizens can be met. Honest and capable leaders are needed to maintain stability in the government and to make the right decisions for the country. It also teaches Singaporeans to be responsible for their own health and not depend on the government.

Meritocracy is a system that rewards people for their abilities and hard work. Meritocracy means a system that rewards hard work and talent irregardless if race, religion, class or differences in language. Explain given factor Encouraging self-reliance is an important factor. Schools have regular physical education lessons to allow the students to keep fit.

Leadership is Key Issue: While there are areas which need to be improved on, such as ensuring that the elderly are able to afford and receive healthcare, it is only a minority of the poor and needy that the government needs to help. There is a possibility that the agreement will not be renewed.

Point Good governance requires strong leadership. Another way is to promote a healthy lifestyle. More Essay Examples on Water supply Rubric However, Singapore has already alternative water supplies in order to be self-sufficient by producing NEWater and desalinated water.

As the population ages, the group of elderly who cannot afford healthcare will get larger and larger. The government provides safety nets to ensure that healthcare remains affordable. If this happens, the investors will suffer huge losses and will also lose their confidence to invest in Singapore.

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Potential leaders are selected and groomed for positions in the government. Different rates of subsidies are given to different classes of wards in hospitals, e. If potential problems do occur, we can better respond to it, and will not be worse off for it.

This means that they need to anticipate future challenges so that we can plan ahead and stay relevant in the future. If our leaders do not anticipate change and stay relevant, we will always be affected by new economic events and economic issues as they occur. For example, by having the HPB to encourage the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, their immune systems will be improved.

Social Studies Good Governance

Producing NEWater prepares us for future as one of our water agreements has already expired in and the second agreement will expire in Here are three ways of managing the National Health Service in Britain: The intention of the cartoonist was to make fun of the Singapore government for the announcement of the White Paper, which could compromise the standard of living of Singaporeans.

Education institutions are open to all, regardless of race, religion or connections with influential people, but solely on merit. Another example is policy on car ownership and usage. Singaporeans will be more careful with their healthcare spending as it is their own money that they are using.Practice Papers (Answers to Practice 1 & 2) Social Studies (Practice 1 - Was the population paper well-received.?) Amended on 7 Oct for Q1a to Q1e.

Section A (Source-Based Case Study) 1 (a) Governance. Social Studies. Social Studies Home Accessible Planning ELA Guided DBQ: Foundations of Self-Governance Students will write an essay in which they discuss some examples of self-governing structures that evolved in the colonies and describe the impact of the Magna Carta and Enlightenment thinkers on the evolution of self.


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Governance in Singapore Chapter 2 Guiding Principles of governance Mindmap. Posted by Sg Student resources at PM 0 comments. Upper Secondary Social Studies Resource SBQ Booklets SAMPLE OF.

Good Governance Governance Governance is defined here; as the dynamic interaction between people, structures, processes and traditions that support the exercise of legitimate authority in provision of sound leadership, direction, oversight, and control of an entity in order to ensure that its purpose is achieved, and that there is proper.

Social Studies Good Governance *Note: This worksheet shows how to describe each contributing factor but does not include notes for linking to the question.

From conflicts with Native Americans to developing a sustainable economy to creating structures of governance, Colonial America, contains links to all NV US History Unit 1 curricular resources, also organized and linked below.

you can access all of the assessments through the New Visions Social Studies Curriculum website.

Social studies essay on governance
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