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It uses a critical and historical approach drawing on concrete case studies, to examine the assumptions, practices and consequences of development. In particular we will focus on families and work in a variety of different cultures.

Health controversies provide an interesting and effective way to study the political, economic, sociocultural and historical aspects of health, illness and healing.

The main course themes are the social construction of reality, the power dynamics that shape society, and the social justice perspective. Comparing Canada and the Third World This course compares urban economic development in Canada and the Third World in terms of industrialization, urbanization and economic dependency.

Issues of Health, Illness and Society This course provides an interdisciplinary introduction to critical controversies in health and society. Property, sexuality, socialization and culture are considered with attention to the social science literature in these areas as well as contemporary expressions in male-female relationships.

Critical Issues in Social Science Introduces students to issues of importance within social science, such as human culture and socialization, consumerism, mass media, self and society, social psychology, social control, race and colonialism, the environment and globalization.

Grounded in contemporary problems and challenges, the course also examines alternative political and economic perspectives. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the post-war work world, the causes of its breakdown, changing values and identities, and competing scenarios for work, leisure and unemployment.

The Development of Industrial Society The development of industrial capitalism has entailed profound changes in ways of living. Changes of metropolitan form, issues of community formation, and emerging patterns of work, leisure and urban life are explored in the context of shifting modes of electronic communication.

This course examines issues of Indigenous histories, cultures, politics, and rights, internationally and in Canada.

This course will not count for major credit in HREQ. Included is an examination of policy debates about free trade, new technology, energy and resource development, the future of manufacturing and federal-provincial relations.

Topics to be covered include recent trends in social institutions, the politics and management of change, the social and psychological consequences of rapid and extensive change and the ideologies we bring to understanding change.

It introduces many of the major concepts social scientists use in analyzing how society works. Students will address emerging issues and formulate responses. The question of "education for what" is stressed in understanding historical and contemporary school systems.

Problems and Prospects An introduction to the social sciences through a study of problems that face Ontario in the twenty first century. The course will consider the spread of the market economy, the industrialization of production and the associated transformation of social and political institutions and ideas.

With an interdisciplinary approach, students learn about Indigenous peoples?

SOSC 1800 Lecture Notes - First Nations, Family Therapy, Compulsory Education

Women organizing for social justice is a central theme.AP/SOSC Childhood and Society An historical and current analysis of what happens to children when they are socialized. Among the questions considered along with the meaning of socialization, are the basis of literacy and the role of parents, education, and work.

Special Olympics Kern County staff and contact information. Review of SOSC - Understanding Society This course will help students appreciate the power of the sociological imagination in understanding their everyday lives. This is an age in which we tend to explain human behavior in terms of our individual achievements, personalities, and even our genetic make-up/5(34).

Review of SOSC - International Law International law (IL) is a system of principles than govern relations among states and the human rights of individuals. It is mainly studied through analyzing international agreements (treaties), customs and court decisions.

SOSC Childhood and Society (Crosslisted: HREQ ) SOSC Health Controversies: Issues of Health, Illness and Society w/ Prof.

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Sosc 1800
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