The topic of collaboration in the essay the dell theory of conflict prevention by thomas friedman

The next six flatteners sprang from that platform.

Unlike countries, these terrorist organizations are not accountable to a population of people who would be outraged by events that have a negative aff ect on the economy. Friedman believes those first three forces have become a "crude foundation of a whole new global platform for collaboration".

Overall, Friedman emphasizes the importance of setting a global example. Friedman explains that when two countries are part of the same supply chain, they rely on each other in order to produce the goods and services that have allowed their economy to grow.

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The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention - Essay Example

Not only is the world not flat: It means, rather, that the governments of those nations and their citizens will have very heavy economic costs to consider as they contemplate the possibility of war. Thomas Friedman also warns that the Dell theory should not be interpreted as a guarantee that nations that are deeply involved in global supply chains will not go to war with each other.

He does, however, go on to explain that there is more to it than just that. Friedman called the flattener "When the walls came down, and the windows came up.

Now such countries as Malaysia, Mexico, and Brazil must compete against China and one another to have businesses offshore to them.

The World is Flat: Chapter 14

Friedman also believes there should be more inspiration for youth to become scientists, engineers, and mathematicians because of a decrease in the percentage of those professionals who are American.

Friedman compares the modern retail supply chain to a river by pointing to Wal-Mart as the best example of a company that uses technology to streamline item sales, distribution, and shipping.

Terrorists do not have to worry about the long-term consequences of their actions like a government does. Critical reception[ edit ] The World Is Flat received generally positive popular and critical reception as well as some negative criticism, peppered with doubt.

Summary of Chapter Fourteen: Once a country lives under these standards, and feels what it is like to be part of a thriving economy, they will do anything to keep the bonds of the chain. Friedman argues that outsourcing has enabled companies to split service and manufacturing activities into components that can be subcontracted and performed in the most efficient, most cost-effective way.

Friedman is right that there have been dramatic changes in the global economy, in the global landscape; in some directions, the world is much flatter than it has ever been, with those in various parts of the world being more connected than they have ever been, but the world is not flat This kind of collaboration involving a supply-chain from around the world could go far in preventing or moderating conflicts and wars, making global trade more compelling than aggression.

Friedman believes that advances in technology will help slow down cases of terrorism. This created a global platform for multiple forms of collaboration. Gray also declares, "least of all does it make it flat".

It seems that the same instruments that have flattened the world for companies such as Dell have also flattened the world for al-Qaeda. The Washington Post called the book an "engrossing tour" and an "enthralling read".

Proposed remedies[ edit ] Thomas Friedman believes that to fight the quiet crisis of a flattening world, the US workforce should keep updating its work skills.

They are simply only interested in destruction. As in his ebay example, it is important for people to feel ownership and importance in their community. This process became easier with the mass distribution of fiber-optic cable during introduction of the World Wide Web.

This is called just-in-time inventory and delivery. It is the ability of machines to talk to other machines with no humans involved, as stated by Friedman. Monday, January 29, Response Paper: We need someone in our community thinking as the terrorists think; we need someone there to imagine the absolute worst and sickening thing that a terrorist could plan to do to our country.

The Dell Theory however does not say that countries enmeshed in a global supply chain will never go to war. That is, developing nations do not want to risk the trust of the multinational companies that venture into their markets and include them in the global supply chain. Ten flatteners[ edit ] Friedman defines ten "flatteners" that he sees as leveling the global playing field: Friedman goes on to explain that this theory alone cannot end all violence in the flattening world.

The growth of search engines is tremendous; for example, Friedman states, Google is "now processing roughly one billion searches per day, up from million just three years ago". There was an emergence of software protocols SMTP — simple mail transfer protocol; HTML — the language that enabled anyone to design and publish documents that could be transmitted to and read on any computer anywhere Standards on Standards.Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention.

Thomas Friedman argues in favor of what he calls “The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention.” William Duiker is not so sure about the trend toward globalization, saying that it may be offset by a simultaneous trend toward fragmentation. The accuracy in the argument of Thomas Friedman shall be established in this paper.

According to Thomas Friedman, “No two countries that are both part of a major global supply chain, like Dell's, will ever fight a war against each other as long as they are both part of the same global supply chain.” ().

The Dell Theory. with technology through social media, education, health, and various others. Technology has changed the path of this world’s future, and is continuously changing with the blink of an eye. In Thomas Friedman’s essay, “The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention” he discusses how technology has made the world flat, and how technology is a focal supply chain.

Mar 14,  · Chapter The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention Friedman begins chapter 12 by describing how intertwined the flat world really is. He uses an example of personal computer provider Dell to show how one company utilizes such a diverse group of suppliers in its supply chain.

The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention. Nobody downloaded yet. The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention - Essay Example. Comments (0) Add to wishlist Delete from wishlist. Cite this document Summary. According to his theory “The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention”, Thomas Friedman has maintained that the trade between individual nations.

Summary of Chapter Fourteen: The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention: Old-Time Versus Just-in-Time. Friedman tells the story of ordering his computer from Dell in Austin, Texas, and how it was put together all over the world and then delivered to him.

The topic of collaboration in the essay the dell theory of conflict prevention by thomas friedman
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