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With the opening of the outer door, the blast of cool air hits me giving a feeling of being naked in the cold brutal winter. The episode received critical acclaim. She wrote, "On of the reasons this ending has always been problematic for me as a viewer is that it is a too-familiar script.

Had the sympathetic Meg, the affable Casey, or even the odious Sean handled any portion of their interaction with her differently, she would not have been so abused.

Veronica talks to Meg Alona Tal about the party, and she mentions seeing Veronica being harassed by some boys before she left.

She investigates further and finds a whole network of cameras, hinting that Logan was using them for some nefarious purpose.

Veronica talks to Wallace about the events but says that she is content with the answers she has. Once on the second floor, I exit the elevator and immediately I can smell the mixture of the wintergreen flavored tooth paste and the overwhelming aroma of bleach out in the hall, along with the sound of the teeth grinding drills which gives, no longer the feeling of the dentist office but of road construction area.

Veronica and Logan go into his darkened house before they realize that Aaron throws a surprise party for him, meaning that virtually the entire high school knows that they are dating. After a lengthy investigation, Veronica concludes that she and Duncan had consensual sex when they were both drugged.

Club gave a positive review, stating that the reveal was "an effective narrative, and one which creates a "satisfying" resolution for the viewer as well as the character.

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Madison gives Veronica a cocktail, which she calls "A Trip to the Dentist. Looking at all of the shiny stainless steel tools gives me a feeling that I am about to Finally, the nurse calls my name and I enter the inner office and sit in the cream colored trap looking chair, hoping that it will swallow me and send me any where but here.

The Trip to the Dentist office

Women are frequently told or tell themselves that they have "misinterpreted" sexual situations by missing cues "leading men on" or by being "unclear" about their lack of consent. Veronica talks to Sean Friedrich and tells him about the girl-on-girl event and that Dick and Beaver took her over to a bed and argued about who should have sex with her.

There, she was slipped a mysterious drink, and the next thing she knew, she woke up in an unidentified bed missing her underwear", indicating that she had been raped. That kind of psychological trauma goes away immediately? I pick it up only to see mouthfulls of melancholy decaying teeth and gums.

We were both in a comfort zone, both writing this show and writing with each other. However, the storyline was abandoned in order to make time for other story arcs.

Within the context of the episode, these characters reappeared so that Veronica could ask them what they knew about the party where she was raped. Commenting on Ruggiero writing the episode, he stated, "She was really my right hand writing the series, and it felt good to have someone who knew the voices as well as I did.

Keith calls a prostitute in Vegas for an unknown reason, while Veronica apologizes to Logan and tells her about the situation with Duncan. Keith says that he has to leave for an engagement in Vegas.

The elevator door promptly opens and I am engulfed, the door closes, up I go. Meg describes a drunk Veronica receiving body shots…from various classmates. Veronica goes public with her relationship with Logan before finding a series of cameras in his bedroom.

Duncan suddenly starts smashing his car before Meg comes out and talks to Duncan, criticizing him. Like the best resolutions, I suppose, it raises more questions than it answers.

This choice could mirror our present day stigma and lack of support for survivors of sexual assault, or it could simply allow the producers to erase her identity as a sexual assault survivor, leading the audience to believe that the strength of the character is not tied to her rape.

Sean narrates a particularly vile vignette in which Dick Casablancas drags an unconscious Veronica into the guest bedroom and invites his younger brother Beaver to rape her.

The fact that Veronica has to threaten people who were at the party into telling her the truth is frakking painful. Furthermore, the episode leaves us bereft of a villain that can be nailed to the wall for forcible rape.

A Trip to the Dentist

When asked whether the writers knew that Beaver would be eventually revealed as the rapist when writing "A Trip to the Dentist", Thomas responded, "I wish I could claim that we were that clever.

Logan temporarily leaves Veronica before she notices a camera in the ceiling. I did, however, want Weevil to believe it. Logan and Veronica are making out before Logan reveals an important piece of information—that he drugged Duncan, not knowing what was going to happen between them.

While I wait hesitantly for the dental assistant in her crisp clean creme colored uniform to announce my name, I look at the tiny tropical turquoise splashed fish in the large crystal clear tank sitting in the corner of the room.

She may have acted foolishly, but that was within her rights. Arc significance[ edit ] Keith finds Duncan in Cuba. Veronica approaches Beaver, who gives a set of events more similar to that of Sean.

Essays on the Teen Detective Series [11] The episode, and particularly its treatment of rape, has been discussed in books of essays on Veronica Mars and elsewhere. Nervously, I push the up button and patiently wait. However, it had been largely ignored until this point in the series.A trip to the dentist My tooth pained through the night.

I tossed and turned relentlessly in bed. Worst of all, I did not get a wink of sleep last night, even after taking a painkiller. The Trip to the Dentist office This Essay The Trip to the Dentist office and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • November 5, • Essay • Words (3 Pages) • Views.

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"A Trip to the Dentist" is the twenty-first and penultimate episode of the first season of the American mystery television series Veronica Mars. Written by Diane Ruggiero and directed by Marcos Siega, the episode premiered on UPN on May 3, May 01,  · Free Essays on Trip Dentist.

Use our research documents to help you learn 1 - - In her essay, “Momma, the Dentist, and me” Maya Angelou describe her insight in remembering an incident of racism. The incident refer to a time when a white dentist named Lincoln did not treat her tooth ace just for being colored “Niggah.” - The Trip to the Dentist Office Thinking to myself, is there any way I could jolt back in.

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